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Terms and Conditions of Auction

By registering to bid, placing a bid online or bidding in any other manner offered, Bidders agree to the terms and conditions (written and/or announced) of this auction. Arizona law applies. 

This is a catalogued auction and unless otherwise announced by the auctioneer, the items will be offered in order, by lot number, as listed in the catalog. An estimated price range is given for each lot. Estimates are to be used as a general guideline and may not necessarily reflect actual values. Buyers are given ample opportunity to preview items and are encouraged to consult with whom ever deemed appropriate to acquire satisfaction with regards to value and authenticity of the items. Remember, ALL SALES ARE FINAL and the highest bidder acknowledged by the auctioneer will be the purchaser. The title of a lot passes to the acknowledged bidder when the auctioneer says “SOLD.” In the event of a dispute among bidders, or the validity of a bid, the priority of a bid, or any other issue with respect to bidding, the auctioneer has final say. 

Bidders shall have a credit card registered with Western Trading Post for bidding activity. By agreeing to the terms and conditions and placing bids, bidders grant Western Trading Post permission to charge their credit card, without further question for applicable charges related to purchases at the auction. Chargebacks by the cardholder are strictly prohibited and the buyer shall be held legally responsible for any such activity. Alternative forms of payment are accepted, however they need to be agreed upon and approved prior to auction..

A “Buyer’s Premium” is added to the final hammer amount to help cover fees incurred by the auction house. The premium is as follows: In house, live bidders = 10% - Western Trading Post Website, App. or an Absentee bid left directly with us or Phone-in bids = 13% - Online Platforms = 15% to 18% (varies from platform to platform, check each platform individually for fees) -  AZ. State sales tax (9.2%) applies to all purchases within the state unless a valid resale certificate is provided prior to bidding.

“Buy it Now” is a versatile option which may be offered at the discretion of Western Trading Post with the cooperation of Sellers. How this works is if a buyer is willing to pay the high estimate plus applicable fees for a particular auction lot, they can buy the item(s) now and not wait till auction day. This option goes away 48 hours before the auction starts (so everyone has 2 full days to see what will be in the auction) and is subject to seller approval (which we try to get in advance at the time of consignment). Please see the description of the auction and/or lot descriptions for additional details. The auction house reserves the right to withdraw any lot at any time prior to the auction when sold through the buy it now option or any other reason and neither assumes nor accepts any liability contemplated by a potential buyer for such withdrawal.

Property being sold is not new! Dents, dings, scratches and other damage may be present—and is common—on used and vintage items. Items are available for preview well in advance of the auction. Please inspect thoroughly PRIOR to bidding. Once the auctioneer says “SOLD” Buyer assumes all responsibility for their items.

Items must be paid for in full on the day of auction for all in house bidders and a receipt is required prior to removal of any items and items must be removed on the day of auction unless arrangements have been made otherwise. Online bidders will be sent a final invoice once shipping is calculated. If we do not hear from online or absentee bidders within 24 hours, we will charge the card on file and ship the item(s) to the address on file. New buyers paying by credit card or check and buyers wishing to have items shipped to another address other than the billing address of the card they are using are subject to having the auction house hold the items for up to 30 days in order to make sure the payment clears and there is no chargebacks , etc.. Items not picked up, arranged to be shipped, or have other arrangements made, which are left after 5 days of the date of auction will be considered abandoned and the buyer in default.

Firearms: Any person(s) bidding on firearms in our auction are required to be at least 18 years of age for long guns and 21 years of age for hand guns. Western Trading Post llc. is a licensed Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer. Any Bidders who desire to bid on and purchase any firearms in our auctions cannot have been convicted of a felony, have any restraining orders, or have any reason that they would not pass a NICS FFL background check. Western Trading Post llc. reserves the right to run a NICS FFL Background check on any purchaser of firearms. If the Bidder is a resident of the state of Arizona, they may pick up in person once cleared by the NICS FFL background check. Otherwise, firearms will be shipped to a Federal Firearm Licensed Dealer of your choosing nearest your residence. The Buyer agrees to pay for any and all shipping/handling/fees/etc. necessary for the shipping and transfer of firearms. Antique firearms and black powder replicas which are exempted from NICS FFL background checks can be transferred directly to the purchaser (where not prohibited). 

Regarding Bidding: Absentee, phone and other acceptable forms of bidding are offered as a convenience to bidders, but Western Trading Post will not be held responsible for any failures or problems in the execution of such bids. All absentee or phone bids are subject to the terms and conditions herein. The option of absentee bidding is made available for bidder’s convenience during pre-bidding. Absentee bids are entered by staff into the bidding system or can be entered by the bidder themselves directly into the online platforms. Bidding on behalf of absentee bidders does not start at their maximum bid (unless otherwise instructed), but at the current asking bid. The system bids on behalf of the bidder, just the same as if the bidder was standing in the room bidding against the other bidders. If during the live auction, another bidder does not outbid what the absentee bidder is willing to pay, then the item will be won by the absentee bidder at what ever price was realized when the bidding terminated.

Bidding Priority/Ties: Our auctions are often held on more than one website simultaneously. When a lot opens for bidding during the live auction, if identical bids have been placed on more than one site platform during the pre-bidding, we give priority to the bid placed on our site or app. It is rare, but possible for a bidder to win a lot for an amount equal to an absentee bidder’s bid. Any so-called “ties” will go to the bidder whose turn it was in the bidding in the live auction format. If this is not clear, please ask for further explanation of how bidding works in a live auction format where bids are not technically accepted until acknowledged by the auctioneer.

Regarding Shipping: Items bought online can generally be shipped by Western Trading Post (see catalog for specific lot details), but please remember, we are shipping the item(s) for you, at your expense and are not responsible for damage or loss caused by the shipping service. Remember, once you purchase an item at the auction, it's yours, “As Is, Where Is” and we are doing our best to assist you in getting it to you. We try to keep the cost of shipping to a minimum and will combine postage cost as much as reasonably possible. The Buyer shall pay the shipping cost for items shipped, plus there is a minimum lot handling / packaging fee (usually $5 with larger and difficult items more, please see catalog listing for advertised cost). This charge is in addition to the cost of postage. We generally send packages priority mail with insurance, but if you want to make sure it is sent insured, please let us know immediately after the auction. Remember, you take the risk for un-insured packages unless we were otherwise instructed. Please contact us if you have questions or specific instructions regarding shipping. Unless we hear from you, we will ship your items how we think it best. But either way, the buyer pays for shipping and handling and accepts all responsibility for them, insured or not.

As a matter of disclosure, Western Trading Post may have a financial interest in any or all of the lots being presented for auction. This interest is at very least a sales commission based on the final hammer price but may also include an ownership interest in some lots. Pre-sale agreements with some sellers, whereby we may also bid on consignments and/or reserves could also be in place. If you want to know of our possible financial or bidding interest in any particular lot, or if there is a reserve on a particular lot, please contact us before the auction (these questions will not be addressed during the live auction).

By signing up with Western Trading Post on this site, you agree (OPT-IN) to receive email and/or text messages from Western Trading Post. If you want to unsubscribe (OPT-OUT), simply click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of an email or text the word STOP when receiving a text message. 

Western Trading Post may refuse to issue a bidder’s number to any person for any reason. All personal information is kept secure to the best of our ability. All persons attending the auction and Western Trading Post, assume all responsibility for themselves and their property and specifically release and indemnify Western Trading Post, its agents and employees from claims and liability.

Questions? Please call 520-426-7702 or email, auction@WesternTradingPost.com  

Good Luck bidding!